New Startup Relaunches Razberi NVR After Demise of GVI Security

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CARROLLTON, Texas — When GVI Security shut its doors in August, many wondered what would become of the razberi integrated NVR. Three months later, the product has returned to the market under the auspices of a brand new company — Razberi Technologies.

The company, which opened its doors last week, is the brainchild of Tom Galvin, the former vice president of product management for GVI Security. As the original inventor of the razberi product line, Galvin refused to let the product fade into the background, so he did what any determined person would do — he took action.

“There was a lot of disappointment when GVI closed its doors,” Galvin tells SSI. “We were told on a Friday what was going to happen to the company, and at 3 a.m. the next morning I texted one of my partners and said, ‘We’ve got to find a way to re-launch the razberi.’ We immediately started putting our business plan together.”

Having sold the razberi concept to GVI in 2009, Galvin approached the company to buy back the technology and intellectual property. After regaining ownership, Galvin shopped for new investors for Razberi Technologies and eventually cut a deal with Dynacolor, a manufacturer of video surveillance products, as its lead investor.

As a privately held company, Razberi Technologies will launch the razberi M Series, an enhanced line of recorders and IP cameras.

“The M Series has a lot more capabilities than the original version,” Galvin says. “We’ve extended the number of PoE [power over Ethernet] ports from eight to 16 so we can accommodate more cameras. We even simplified the installation process so that it’s more plug-and-play, and it doesn’t really require any configuration once a camera is plugged into the razberi.”

The company will also provide help desk support for end users that currently have the legacy razberi recorders and GVI’s autoIP cameras.

How will Razberi Technologies ensure it does not suffer the same fate as the erstwhile GVI Security? For starters, Galvin is seeking partnerships with industry-leading video management software (VMS) providers to order to promote the NVR as open platform tool.

“With that open platform strategy, we think we can reach the systems integrators that are already comfortable with IP and are perhaps looking for a more scaled down, compact hardware platform for their existing channels,” he says.

To broaden its customer reach, Razberi Technologies will team with distribution partners as well as create a manufacturer’s representative network. Once established the manufacturer’s representatives will host local training courses in their respective markets for installers. Additionally, the company is developing a Web-based training program to teach integrators installation tips.

As the company moves forward, Galvin stresses that Razberi Technologies is not the “new GVI,” but a company seeking to help installers in their businesses.

“We are a very sound company with a very strong set of investors who are committed to our concept. We’re going forward with new technology to further simplify the process of installing IP video.”

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