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It has been brought to our attention that ADI is liquidating discontinued autoIP “Razberi” products made by GVISecurity. These models are not from Razberi Technologies, do not have our manufacturer warranty and support, do not support our software partners and are no longer licensed to use the Razberi U.S. Trademark.

The GVRAZ1T and GVRAZ2T are products that were manufactured by GVI Security prior to our acquisition of the Razberi U.S. trademark in 2011. These end-of-life models are not sold by authorized Razberi distributors.ADI is not currently an authorized Razberi distributor. We believe these models have firmware issues, based on the calls we have received for technical support.

Razberi Technologies is currently offering an instant $500 rebate toward the purchase of any new Razberi M-Series 16 port model in exchange for the return of each GVRAZ1T or GVRAZ2T model from GVI Security. The rebate program is offered through authorized Razberi distributors. The rebate program is offered as a courtesy to provide technical support and a renewed 3 Year warranty to customers who have purchased these discontinued GVI products.

Razberi Technologies has no affiliation with GVI Security. This rebate offer does not apply to any other GVISecurity products.

Please contact E.N. Simon (214-597-9295) if you have questions regarding the rebate program.

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