Razberi Technologies Introduces LocBeri Cybersecurity System For Video Surveillance

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Farmers Branch, TX (April 14, 2015) Razberi Technologies — a leading developer of network video solutions for professional video surveillance and security applications — has released LocBeri, a new standard feature on all razberi™ ServerSwitch™ units designed to, with the push of a single button, prevent unauthorized users from accessing network ports intended for use with surveillance cameras.

“The most widely known hacks have, unfortunately, happened via third-party systems and it should serve as a reminder of the potential costs and consequences of hackers getting behind your firewall and on to the computer network,” said Razberi Technologies President Tom Galvin. “As the installers of CCTV cameras, our industry has a lot to lose if the next big headline-making break-in is facilitated by an IP camera connection. That’s why we developed the new razberi™ LocBeri Cybersecurity System and have included it as a standard feature on the razberi™ ServerSwitch™.”

In the world of CCTV and network security, “we’re often playing with fire and don’t realize it,” said Galvin. “When video surveillance cameras are placed both inside and outside of a building, unplugging any of those cameras and plugging in a laptop should not allow any sort of connection to the network. Yet, it’s well known that the vast majority of the time, those LAN connections will allow communications to the camera network and often directly to the corporate network.”

For most video surveillance system installers, however, addressing the issue of securing the network used for video cameras often requires a detailed understanding of network operation and a labor-intensive process to address potential problems. While there are many steps a qualified IT person can take to tighten the security on camera connections, the reality is that rarely happens in a proactive and complete fashion. Therefore, we need a simpler way for the camera installer to ensure the ports are setup to provide restricted access.

“We can use technologies such as 802.1x but this requires significant labor to create digital certificates for each camera, load them individually to the cameras, configure the switch, and install and configure a special server to control permissions,” said Galvin. “Fortunately for razberi™ customers, the LocBeri provides an easier way.”

The LocBeri system, with a single button press, scans the attached cameras and automatically configures the switch so only those cameras work on those ports. There is no major labor involved or downtime when under-going system maintenance or changing a camera as one push of a button unlocks all ports to allow for system changes and another push when finished re-locks the system.

“The innovation in the razberi™ LocBeri is that cameras and switch ports are bound together in a way that makes it much harder to use the port for anything other than the intended camera,” said Galvin.

To see the razberi LocBeri™ Cybersecurity System — as well as other new razberi products including the Enterprise razberi™ ServerSwitch™ and the VyneWatch Monitoring System— visit Razberi Booth 3119 at ISCWest in Las Vegas, April 15-17 or stop by Milestone Booth 20060.

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