Razberi Technologies Releases New Cloud-Based Health Monitor For Surveillance Systems

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Farmers Branch, TX - Razberi Technologies — a leading developer of network video solutions for professional video surveillance and security applications — has released VyneWatch, a new product that monitors the status of your video system devices, regardless of the video software plat-form you use.

“Companies invest thousands of dollars in video surveillance security only to discover that something as simple as a routine software update can sideline their ability to retrieve video — and they very often discover it too late,” said Razberi Technologies President Tom Galvin. “The new cloud-based razberi™ VyneWatch provides extra protection to help you know when your system isn’t working properly so you can address the problem prior to losing any ability to recover important video.”

The innovative razberi™ VyneWatch keeps you informed of the status of your video surveillance devices — regardless of the video management software (VMS) platform you use. Even if you have an expansive IT department, it is often difficult to provide the manpower to evaluate all that could potentially knock your video system offline, like failure of hard disks or approaching maximum system utilization for the network or CPU.

“One of the strongest benefits of VyneWatch is that it provides companies with an independent system monitor which provides instant direct notification of any system events,” said Galvin.

There are several ways in which VyneWatch works to monitor a video surveillance system:

  • Server Monitoring — Reports the current CPU load and memory utilization, and an inventory of the server serial number, model, name, OS type, CPU model, clock speed, and memory capacity. This is done remotely via a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Network Switch Monitoring — Provides visibility of traffic levels on uplink and camera ports. PoE power levels allow spotting a camera operating beyond normal limits. Sensors detail port setup, traffic levels, link speed, queue length, and PoE performance.
  • Storage System Monitoring — Hard drives are monitored for the amount of free space, transfer rates, queue lengths, RAID Status, and other performance indicators. Sensors can also provide an inventory of storage devices including manufacturer, model, serial numbers, and capacity.
  • Event Management — Any time an event occurs, VyneWatch can instantly email or text a report to as many people are required, allowing proper simultaneous response.

To view the razberi™ VyneWatch Monitoring System — as well as other new razberi™ products including the Enterprise razberi™ ServerSwitch™ and the LocBeri Cyber Security System — visit Razberi Booth 3119 at ISCWest in Las Vegas, April 15-17 or in Milestone Booth 20060.

Click here to learn more about VyneWatch now!

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