Casino Finds Space-Saving, Intelligent Surveillance Appliances Beat Traditional Servers and Storage

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For Kaw Nation, a Native American reservation in northern Oklahoma, the need to provide video surveillance for its casinos was an industry requirement. As with most casinos, the Oklahoma Gaming Commission regulations maintain that all casinos provide video surveillance for its gaming tables, cashier windows and cash counting rooms. In addition, Kaw Nation needed a monitoring solution for entryways, parking lots and other outside areas.

One of Kaw Nation’s new casinos was connected to a convenience store that housed 65 gaming machines. When setting up the casino’s video surveillance system, the facility presented a unique challenge in terms of available space. The building’s extremely small size meant that there was no room available to house servers, cabinets and other equipment traditionally used for video surveillance systems.

Kaw Nation sought out Turtle Clan Technologies, an integrator, in hopes that they would be able to help. That’s when they were introduced to Razberi Technologies and the razberi™ ServerSwitch™. The intelligent surveillance appliance replaces the traditional server, storage device, network switch, PoE camera power. It also provides health monitoring and cyber security protection. Most importantly, the size of the appliance isn’t any larger than most laptops, making it the perfect solution for the casino and its space constraints.

Razberi’s intelligent surveillance appliances perform extremely well for the 13 cameras in the convenience store located casino. Not only was it the perfect size, it helped Kaw Nation meet mandated requirements and proved easy to install and highly reliable.

After a great experience in the first installation, Kaw Nation decided to use Razberi solutions in one of its larger casinos. With 118 cameras backed by four Razberi appliances, they are able to monitor the required areas, keep an eye out for suspicious players and perform crowd control. On opening day, a $500.00 ticket was taken from a machine. After reviewing video footage, the individual and her counterpart were identified and turned over to authorities. In a short period of time using Razberi as the primary investigative tool the money was returned to the guest. The Razberi is one of the main components in resolving all matters quickly and easily.

“The reliability of Razberi appliances has been awesome! There hasn’t been any trouble and the installation was easy. I would definitely use Razberi again for a new casino,” said John Sisney, Surveillance Director, Kaw Nation.

The Razberi units continue to perform well, for casinos of all sizes, making it the best choice for Kaw Nation.

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