Rugged Surveillance in Remote and Harsh Environments

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The Rugged Surveillance Challenge

Surveillance equipment must weather hazardous conditions day in and out. Water, high temperatures, chemicals, ice, dust, vandalism and other challenges place security and surveillance recording appliances in vulnerable—and costly—positions.

The biggest environment problem facing surveillance appliances is that the two most common elements—heat and water—work against each other in costly ways. While an air-tight enclosure may protect against moisture, this hampers a system’s ability to deal with high temperatures. To counter the hot enclosures, integrators must install costly air conditioners and hope that the fans or electronics don’t fail. The AC units then require regular maintenance and repair from running 24/7, leading to even more costs. Alternatively, some integrators deploy high-specification servers, switches, and power supplies to deal with the extreme conditions. However, this solution dramatically increases the cost of deployment, making them even less viable.

A Solution Purpose-Built for the Elements

ServerSwitchIQ Rugged is the cool and economical solution to address the rough-conditions surveillance needs. With thermal management up to 60°C, an SSD for video storage and a fan-less and dust-proof environment, ServerSwitchIQ can weather the elements and save money along the way. Benefits of the ServerSwitchIQ include:

  • $2,500 of estimated savings over 5 years
  • Confidence that your unit will withstand rough conditions due to its effective design
  • A variety of highly-rated enclosures to choose from, for extra protection

Rugged Enclosures

Razberi Rugged appliances are built to work with a variety of standard enclosures to protect the appliance and critical evidence. The enclosures come at a variety of NEMA and IP ratings to suit different water, ice, dust, corrosive and heat needs. Different options include:

  • The Hoffman/Pentair, with a NEMA rating of 4X, which protects against all variety of dust, dirt and lint; splashing water and corrosive agents
  • The Schneider, with a NEMA 4X/IP66 rating, which protects against dust and strong water jets
  • The Milbank, with a NEMA 4X rating, which protects against dust and dirt, splashing water, and corrosives
  • The Wiegmann, with a NEMA 4/12/13 rating, which protects against dust and dirt, splashing water, corrosive agents and oils and coolants.

The flexibility of enclosures means you can choose the safety solution that works for your specific product needs, whatever your environment entails.

The ServerSwitchIQ™ Rugged appliance from Razberi technologies beats the rugged surveillance challenges and elements to save money and provide reliable service to users.

For additional details, read the new white paper “Deploying Razberi ServerSwitchIQ™ Rugged in Remote and Harsh Environments.”

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