Intelligent Features Continue! Razberi Releases New Virtual LAN and Setup Wizard

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As Razberi continues to invest in R&D to build more intelligent surveillance appliances for security leaders, we’re excited to share our latest software releases and where to get them!

Our mission on the software side of things is to provide simple-to-use, powerful features to manage, automate and harden surveillance networks. With the escalation of cyber attacks, these tools provide integrators and security managers with the ability to intelligently manage and harden camera and appliance implementations.  In addition, these features allow security leaders to optimize the network configuration when surveillance coexists with business applications on the same IP network. It also provides for easier setup of network, switch and VMS configurations.

We pride ourselves on listening closely to our integrator partners and end users and think and visualize in terms of ‘use cases’ so that you can configure your surveillance network to optimize for reliability, cost and protection. Our team is also committed to industry standards and best practices in our product and tool development to provide the most powerful, innovative software on the market leveraging the latest in cloud-based tools and open software. We think you’ll be excited about our new releases, user guides, firmware and release notes. See our ‘Documentation’ tab on any of the ServerSwitchIQ™ (SSIQ) product pages.

New Virtual LAN (VLAN) Features

ssiq-user-guide-thumbRazberi has released enhancements to the entire ServerSwitchIQ product family that make segregating and securing video surveillance data from other sorts of traffic and cyber threats  - secure, intuitive, and easy.   With the new Virtual LAN (VLAN) capabilities, security managers or integrators can avoid fussing with complex settings and screens.  The intuitive interface with ‘Add a VLAN’ makes the selection of ports and naming of the VLAN take less than 20 seconds. This capability cordons off the video on the LAN to prevent cross filtration with other business applications desired for some organizations.  Razberi SSIQ provides for easy VLAN administration. Our fantastic NEW ServerSwitchIQ User Guide provides practical use cases and diagrams for setting up an embedded VLAN and much more.

New Setup Wizard

Additionally, Razberi released a new Setup Wizard.  This helpful tool makes the setup of server and switch network configurations and VMS installation trouble-free.  Finally, users and installers can now back up and later restore switch configuration settings for making installation and maintenance of a Razberi easier than ever.  These new capabilities further enhance Razberi SSIQ’s industry leading reliability, network friendliness, and cybersecurity.

Looking for User Guides, New Releases and Firmware?

The new site has it all. See our “Documentation” tab on any of the ServerSwitchIQ product pages for detailed information and downloads.


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