Private Networks Vulnerable to DDoS Attacks Too

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Tom Galvin on Oct 26, 2016 5:53:39 PM
Tanner LaRocque on 1 minute read


A recent outage at popular websites such as Twitter, Netflix, Amazon and other sites was reportedly caused by attacks via network security cameras. An army of security cameras was hijacked into a “botnet” for a massive DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. This attack and other recent breaches are clearly a wake-up to the physical security industry. The “security” of your security systems may be vulnerable!
The offending cameras in last week’s attacks were left “open” on the internet. But even cameras on private networks may have inherent vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks and tampering from clever hackers working inside or outside the network. Even if you isolate your cameras into their own private network, they can still be vulnerable to security issues via inadvertent connections to the corporate network.

Razberi is poised to take a leadership position on cybersecurity protections for cameras and other IP-based security devices. Our simple, automated solutions are designed to harden camera network connections and monitor for potential breaches to the camera and the network. Razberi is investing heavily to evolve our cyber protections and notifications to give integrators and security leaders peace of mind.

When cameras are directly connected to Razberi's ServerSwitchIQ appliance ports, our embedded managed switch acts as a watchdog over all traffic flow to and from the camera. Our simple LocBeri tool prohibits rogue devices from using Ethernet connections intended for cameras. A one-click VLAN setup establishes a private, secure network for camera traffic. Once video streams are flowing from the camera, our purpose-built managed switch goes to work to automatically detect potential breaches.

Please enjoy our first edition of our Intelligent Security Snapshot. We hope you find it useful to stay up on the latest trends, technology and threats in surveillance as the physical and network security worlds continue to converge. Let us know what you think!

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