Razberi and Cylance OEM Partnership Will Bring AI-Powered Cybersecurity to Video Surveillance Systems

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Laura Newell on May 17, 2017 8:00:28 AM
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Cylance OEM PartnershipCombination to protect video surveillance systems from today’s most advanced malware, viruses and other threats


DALLAS and IRVINE, Calif. – May 17, 2017 – Razberi Technologies and Cylance® Inc. have signed an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement to embed CylancePROTECT® software in Razberi ServerSwitchIQ appliances. CylancePROTECT will be integral to the new Razberi CameraDefense solution that, combined with Razberi’s secure appliance architecture, provides comprehensive protection over the server, video management systems (VMS), and camera ecosystem.

“The physical and network security worlds continue to converge, putting video surveillance systems and any attached networks at risk from unprotected endpoints,” said Tom Galvin, Razberi CEO. “CylancePROTECT is ideal for the Razberi distributed architecture, enabling us to offer our customers the most advanced system for anti-virus protection.”

CylancePROTECT® leverages artificial intelligence to detect and prevent malware from executing on endpoints in real time. By taking a mathematical approach to malware identification using patent-pending, machine learning techniques instead of reactive signatures and sandboxes, CylancePROTECT renders new malware, viruses, bots, and unknown future variants useless.

Because it uses very little memory and less than one percent of CPU, CylancePROTECT will not disrupt the video management systems running on Razberi ServerSwitchIQ appliances. In addition, with no Internet connection or signature updates required, the product protects even remote endpoints connected to the Razberi system.

“Cylance is thrilled to partner with Razberi to create the first secure video surveillance systems by embedding CylancePROTECT into Razberi’s proprietary CameraDefense technology,” said Craig Whetstone, Director of OEM at Cylance. “AI-based endpoint security is a great fit for operational technologies such as Razberi's intelligent surveillance appliances where availability and video processing performance are priorities.”

Razberi has worked with Cylance to test compatibility with the Razberi appliances and certified VMS partners. CylancePROTECT and Razberi CameraDefense will be available for all Razberi ServerSwitchIQ appliances by the end of the second quarter.

About Cylance Inc.

Cylance is the first company to apply artificial intelligence, algorithmic science and machine learning to cybersecurity to prevent the most advanced security threats in the world. Using a breakthrough predictive analysis process, CylancePROTECT quickly and accurately identifies what is benign and what is a threat, and prevents malicious code from ever executing on a targeted system. By coupling advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence with a unique understanding of an attacker’s mentality, Cylance provides technology and services that are truly predictive and preventive against the most advanced threats. For more information visit www.cylance.com.

About Razberi

Razberi Technologies offers a reliable, secure, and network-friendly video surveillance infrastructure that records the highest quality video while reducing capital, bandwidth, and space costs. Razberi ServerSwitchIQ appliances uniquely combine a firewall, PoE switch, server, storage, and intelligence. Deployed in a scalable architecture near the network’s edge, the platform enables organizations to decrease network utilization by up to 95 percent and protect cameras from cyber attacks. Embedded Razberi CameraDefense software automates cybersecurity protections with camera hardening and cyber threat monitoring. Built-in Razberi VyneWatch health monitoring software alerts security professionals to issues 24x7. Razberi appliances are compatible with top video management systems (VMS) and any network camera. The company is headquartered in Dallas. For more information, visit razberi.net.

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About Razberi Technologies

Razberi makes it simple to manage and secure video surveillance and IoT systems. Razberi’s open video surveillance platform includes intelligent appliances combined with automated cybersecurity, and health monitoring software. In combination with a wide range of top third-party video management software (VMS) applications and IP cameras, enterprises can flexibly deploy a best-of-breed solution that reduces their total cost of ownership and reduces the likelihood of a costly cyber breach. Razberi is headquartered in Dallas.

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