The Panacea to Devil’s Ivy: Automated Hardening for Surveillance Cameras

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Laura Newell on Jul 25, 2017 1:57:46 PM
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Devil’s Ivy

Reducing Cybersecurity Risks

According to Wired Magazine’s Hack Brief, Devil’s Ivy is a weakness in IoT devices, such as surveillance cameras, that use gSOAP as part of their software stack.  While the providers of gSOAP have provided a patch for the issue, there are an untold number of name brand surveillance cameras that have not been updated and therefore could be affected. This means that one bug could affect “a startling number of devices”.

This post provides immediate opportunities to address this challenge with Razberi CameraDefense automated camera hardening.

In review of the mechanism to exploit, the first thing a hacker has to get is access to the camera. A proper whitelist could prevent the hacker from accessing the device.

  • Razberi CameraDefense – Whitelist Violation, block access, notification.

Should a hacker by chance get access to the camera and try to exploit the vulnerability. A proper firewall and whitelist would prevent access to the exposed service or services.

  • Razberi CameraDefense
    • Whitelist violation, block access, and notify.
    • Firewall would prevent the port/service exposure.
    • Password Protection may alert the dashboard if the hacker set the password of the camera to a default or common password.

Devil’s Ivy is but one of many potential vulnerabilities that hackers will sniff out to find their way into a surveillance and ultimately enterprise data network.  Security leaders need the right automated tools and solutions can make it easier to lock down any vulnerable camera; scale it across hundreds or thousands of cameras; and to gain better visibility and health monitoring into potential vulnerabilities.

Razberi CameraDefense provides automated camera hardening to apply cybersecurity best practices at scale in just a number of clicks and without a 20-page best practices guide.  It provides a sustainable mechanism to prevent intrusions and unauthorized access via IP-based surveillance cameras with intent of committing nefarious acts. Read: Top 6 Measures to Reduce Surveillance Cybersecurity Risks.

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