Five Elements of Effective Channel Partners in the Video Surveillance and IoT Security Market

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For organizations implementing or operating high-demand video surveillance systems and where widespread IoT device connection is the norm, the combined technologies and relationships of channel partners often form the foundation needed to ensure their needs are met. If that partner foundation is weak, it’s likely that the probability of the partners winning an organization’s business is too.

In a video with SBI, Razberi VP Joe Vitalone outlined five elements of an effective channel program. Below, we recap these five elements so you can examine how to strengthen your partner relationships and win more video surveillance and IoT security business. With that, let's jump right in.

Five Key Elements

1. Assess your program from your partner’s perspective

First, a great channel program maintains the perspective of the partner's lens looking out. You want to create an opportunity for the channel partner to grow their business and give them the tools to capitalize on that opportunity. Focus on their growth as much as you do on your own growth because those two things really do work hand in hand.

2. Seek strong executive sponsorship

A great channel partner is almost always characterized by strong executive sponsorship. There needs to be an ongoing relationship and dialogue with an executive sponsor tied to the executive team. This is true regardless of company size. It could be a CDW or it could be a small family-run business in Abilene, Texas. In either case, ensure there's a strong link between you and that sponsor.

3. Build a clear and cohesive marketing plan

A strong marketing plan that everyone aligns to at the time of the agreement and throughout the relationship solidifies understanding of the market’s characteristics and sets growth expectations. If a quote is assigned based on those expectations, you don't compromise them by bringing other partners so long as they're hitting the numbers. The MSA says “here's what we’d like you to do” and if the partner delivers on those expectations, you leave the partner to reap the rewards of that area.

4. Deliver comprehensive sales and technical training

Committed sales and technical training enables and empowers partners to effectively communicate the value proposition. Find the right blend of instructor-led on-site training at your respective locations and support that with a learning management system that provides continual learning updates online. Technical training is imperative because we find that technically-certified people tend to stay on longer that general salespeople. That technical champion can be a powerful ambassador, especially if they're having a good experience the product.

5. Provide excellent demonstration equipment

Partners need to have excellent demonstration equipment, regardless of the product suite. It’s not enough to be able to speak eloquently to the product’s capabilities. Partners must be able to show what the product can do from a proof of concept standpoint and how it stacks up against the competition.

Next Steps

As you reflect on the five elements above, ask yourself - in which of the five elements are you strongest and weakest? Where are you (or your partners) facing barriers that impede your ability to win more business? Assessing and addressing these and related questions help to fulfill the promise of a team, that Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

If you’re not already part of our partner network, learn more about becoming a Razberi partner and how we make it simple to secure video surveillance systems and IoT devices. If you’re a current Razberi partner, visit the Razberi Partner Portal for the latest updates and resources.

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