Automating Video Surveillance Security Systems: Your First Step Towards IT / Security Resource Management and Network Cost Reduction

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Enterprise organizations and governments use video surveillance and security data for many different applications. Upholding the integrity of this data, is as important as collecting it.

Why video surveillance integrity is important

Video footage can provide insight into past actions and incidents, give additional context to an event in question, and ultimately be the information source that provides proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. To ensure a video surveillance system in place is consistently recording high-quality video footage, recording to a secure storage platform, and having readily accessible data enterprise wide, will provide physical security and cybersecurity departments with the information required should an event occur.

Organizations and governments use video surveillance and security data for many applications, such as protecting against false workers’ compensation claims like a slip and fall, helping to reduce workplace theft,
or providing general public safety monitoring in the event of a crime. Too
often an organization will find themselves in a situation where video footage could be used as evidence, only to find that the video camera that is supposed to capture the incident was not recording due to an avoidable equipment failure.

Why data storage hardware health is important

To make sure a data server is properly working requires personnel to monitor the status of key components within a video surveillance system. A key indicator may be if the unit is online or offline. Completely losing a data server tied to a group of video cameras can create a liability  risk,
and without stored footage, security personnel must take time away from other priority tasks to troubleshoot and perform maintenance that otherwise could have been avoided.

Why quality video footage matters

If an organization can produce video footage, it now must pass as admissible evidence in court. While there are no generally
specific legal requirements for video evidence, advice from legal organizations is to record video at the highest quality, highest frame rate, confirm time stamps are accurate, and ensure that the video data is secure.  

Why video surveillance automation is key

Unlock your business' security potential with video surveillance automation.

To limit organizational liability, security systems should be running properly and efficiently 24/7 without the limitations of human oversight. As network threats become increasingly advanced and harder to fight against, security personnel need to be able to shift their focus towards the threats they cannot see or have yet to face. In order to allow security teams to focus on other day-to-day responsibilities, a security system status and alerts should be automated, monitored, and reported in a timely fashion.

Limited resources in IT and security teams

IT & security staffs are by and large resource constrained. In 2018, a Gartner survey showed that the global talent shortage for IT and security teams was the “top emerging risk facing organizations” . Most IT teams struggle in planning for the future as the average hiring process requires twelve months to fill a position while salaries continue to increase – leaving the budget unaccounted for. In fact, Gartner even offers great advice for “lean” staffing approaches that can positively impact how an organization operates on limited resources.

Recently, I attended the ElevateIT: DFW Technology Summit where IT professionals came together to discuss operational challenges, and the solutions in today’s market that provide additional support. During one discussion, the speaker asked an audience of forty IT professionals , “does anyone have a 12-step incident response plan in place for their network security?” Not a single person raised their hand.

ElevateIT: DFW Technology Summit - ...speaker asked the audience of forty IT professionals, “does anyone have a 12-step incident response plan in place for their network security?” Not a single person raised their hand.

Why the automation of video surveillance tasks are important

Most organizations do not have the resources to create and implement this type of response planning.  This is where automation plays a key role in the future of system management, incident reporting, and incident response planning. As automation finds ways to simplify tasks that require immediate action – employees can focus their time and energy on producing additional value for the organization.

How to get video surveillance tasks done faster and be more efficient

Let’s face it, video surveillance is a mundane task and requires a high level of attention for long periods of time, puts a strain on network bandwidth and events can be missed due to human error. An intelligent data storage platform can virtually eliminate the need for manual monitoring by automating tasks. Intelligent data storage can be one of the most valuable video surveillance value-adds to the overall security solution and an added tool for end-users.

Having real-time video available in the data center and at the edge of a security system, provides the needed information for security professionals. Real-time video available allows for users to provide preventative maintenance, monitor system and device health, and maintain a constant audit-log of system information for compliance. 

Automated video surveillance solutions

Whether you have a centralized or distributed video surveillance system, Razberi’s simple data storage solutions can fit into your existing system. Or you may look into a costly security expert to fully configure and protect your network perimeter.

Capabilities to include for monitoring your data storage platform 

Automated Monitoring:

With the convergence of physical security and cybersecurity living within the IT world, it is important end-users and integrators alike are provided with security system solutions that are intelligent. Enough that they fit within an existing framework easily, and help align enterprise resources.

Security leadership empowerment

Empowering security leadership with the knowledge to bring simple solutions to the table and a guide towards tools to reduce costly resources is necessary. Alignment of security needs with business needs becomes easier with enhanced metrics that provide real cost savings. Prevention of network hacks, reduction of bandwidth for high-quality video, and video surveillance health monitoring automation, are all keys to resource management and the reduction of overall system ownership cost.

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