How to monetize cybersecurity and include in your managed service offering

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Matthew Van Alstyne on Apr 6, 2020 12:30:00 PM
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by Matthew Van Alstyne - Marketing Manager

Are you in the dark on how to include cybersecurity in your physical security tool belt?

Are you in the dark on how to introduce cybersecurity into your physical security managed service offering?

Razberi recently attended the CyberSecured Forum this past month and gleamed some very interesting insights from one of the breakout sessions. The session topic was How to Monetize Cybersecurity.  The approach was simple, in that as physical security companies, you could look at three options.

Three managed service offering options

  1. I know a guy. Give the customer the name of someoneThis option is not financially beneficial to you.
  2. I have a guy. Having a cybersecurity subcontractor. The most likely option.
  3. I am the guy. Make the full-blown investment in a cybersecurity practice.  The least likely since it is requires the most investment and the highest risk option.

But wait....what if there was a fourth option?

Fourth option

4. Layered approach

The convergence of Physical Security and Cybersecurity is inevitable, as everyone is moving away from analog cameras and towards IP cameras.  So you truly have to look at how to ease your company into cybersecurity, ON YOUR TERMS. 

Physical security has a very straight forward solution - install cameras and monitor entry points. Cybersecurity, on the other hand, does not have one “cure-all end-all” solution and is truly a layered approach. As ZDNET reports, "The most serious attacks target IP cameras." This means, you better be prepared because it is just a matter of time before your customer's IP camera network will be hacked.

Questions to ask about your managed service offering

  • Should we have a cybersecurity solution for our customers?
  • What if we could introduce cybersecurity to our customers as endpoint protection? 
  • What if we could offer those customers a managed service offering to protect endpoints with five layers of cyber protection?

The pitch

  1. Simple Plug-and-Play Integration: Razberi appliances come with award-winning automated cybersecurity software built-in.
  2. CameraDefense software is included in the cost of the solution.
  3. It allows you to introduce managed services to your customers and/or enhance your current managed service offering with cybersecurity.
  4. Introduce CameraDefense as endpoint protection. This allows your company to put your foot in the water of cybersecurity without diving in. 

Cybersecurity is still a complex topic that is foreign to integrators and end-users. Many companies face an all too familiar truth, a limited to zero budget for cybersecurity. At least, until an attack, threat or breach disables or exposes their network.


Razberi Technologies' subscription-based Health Monitoring suite allows you to introduce managed services to your customers and/or enhance your current managed service offering with cybersecurity.

With a layered approach, offering protection at the periphery of the network is a great starting point.  Sound familiar?  What do you offer in the physical security world, but perimeter protection?

Contact us to understand how you can incorporate CameraDefense as a cybersecurity offering, introduce it into your current managed service portfolio using a layered approach.

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