Razberi Technologies provides security answer to IronYun’s AI video surveillance platform

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IronYun awarded Razberi’s Core server storage hardware with their compatibility certification

IronYun, an AI-based video surveillance software company and Razberi Technologies, an open-platform video surveillance hardware company entered into a technology partnership this past month, marking a turning point for IronYun’s physical security video surveillance solutions.

With the introduction of IP cameras, physical security has become a strain on network bandwidth. Security response times can mean the difference between life or death. The technology required to store and quickly retrieve 4 mega pixel video used to identify threats, would not be possible without a high-quality surveillance storage server like Razber Core.  

Razberi Core™ is IronYun’s technology solution for industries that require centralized video recording, hardened server-class appliances, and cybersecurity protection. Some of IronYun’s most demanding security customers are within government and military industries.

The next generation artificial intelligence video surveillance software company, IronYun, will begin deploying their video surveillance solutions with Razberi Core’s server storage hardware in Q3 of this year.

Customer Benefits

Many of IronYun’s customers stand to benefit from the technology partnership. Razberi’s physical security video storage solution paired with IronYun’s artificial intelligence video surveillance software, is pending deployment in smart city projects utilizing centralized recording networks.  

“IronYun invests heavily in R&D and secures our intellectual properties, working hand in hand with industry leaders like Razberi Technologies,” said Paul Sun, CEO, IronYun. “We are excited to include Razberi’s centralized video recording products in IronYun’s portfolio of video surveillance solutions and anxious to deploy in smart city projects.”

Solutions Benefits

Razberi’s open platform configuration makes it easy for companies like IronYun to deploy Core units into a centralized video network in a plug-and-play fashion. Paired with IronYun’s high-accuracy AI video analytics, the solution eliminates false alarms, enables real-time alerts for various use cases, and decreases search and monitoring time to only seconds, which help business and investigators proactively respond in all situations. The combined solution best equips end users to safeguard their facilities with the least amount of manual effort.

Centralized Video Surveillance Architecture

“IronYun has been a great partner,” commented Tom Galvin, Chief Product Officer, Razberi Technologies. “We are proud to work closely with them on a variety of projects and utilize their expertise in AI video surveillance.”

About Razberi Technologies

Razberi Technologies makes it simple to manage and secure video surveillance and network-connected device solutions. Designed to meet the needs of any sized organization, the Razberi platform offers intelligent appliances for video surveillance and IoT technologies, automated cybersecurity, and health monitoring software. Razberi appliances are compatible with top video management systems (VMS) and any network camera. The company is headquartered in Dallas. For more information, contact us. For news and viewpoints visit Razberi Pulse. Follow #simplesecurevideo on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About IronYun

IronYun is the next-generation artificial intelligence video surveillance software company. Based on deep learning technology, IronYun provides enterprise customers with multiple video surveillance solutions, including Video SearchFace RecognitionIntrusion DetectionLPR, People and Vehicle Counting, and so on. IronYun’s End-to-End private-cloud computing products are developed and continuously enhanced by over 100 leading technologists and software engineers since 2009. The company is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. For more information, visit www.IronYun.com.

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About Razberi Technologies

Razberi makes it simple to manage and secure video surveillance and IoT systems. Razberi’s open video surveillance platform includes intelligent appliances combined with automated cybersecurity, and health monitoring software. In combination with a wide range of top third-party video management software (VMS) applications and IP cameras, enterprises can flexibly deploy a best-of-breed solution that reduces their total cost of ownership and reduces the likelihood of a costly cyber breach. Razberi is headquartered in Dallas.

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