Razberi Monitor Version 4.1 is Here

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Razberi Monitor version 4.1 dashboard

The official release of Razberi Monitor version 4.1 is now available. Our development team packed this update with new features requested by users like you.

"Our enterprise security team used to update Windows security patches one security server at a time. With the deployment of over 5,000 cameras, this would typically take a team one week to complete. After using the new Razberi Monitor Windows Update Monitor and Manage feature – we can now complete this in minutes."

-Global Financial Customer

We developed Version 4.1 from Razberi user advisory board feedback. A pressing feature that security professionals have needed is the ability to quickly and easily manage Windows Security updates. When a new security update is released, specifically a critical security update, security teams worldwide need to act soon to protect their systems from a publicly known threat. A time-sensitive task cannot require a time-consuming resolution, yet teams struggle with this.

How Does This New Windows Update Feature Work?

Let's look at some of the powerful features packed within Razberi Monitor version 4.1:

Autoscan for Windows Updates

This functionality informs users of devices needing Windows updates and helps them schedule updates via the Dashboard or Manage tabs. Monitor Agent scans for Windows updates and forwards related available updates to MonitorCloud/Premise for resolution. MonitorCloud allows users to select Critical, Security, or Other Windows updates for creating managed tasks.

Monitor Agent and MonitorOOBE.exe Signed

The Monitor Agent, its installation process, and the MonitorOOBE programs are now signed to avoid antivirus issues. This prevents Cylance from quarantining these programs as it has in the past. It also improves the Agent's security posture in the eyes of other Antivirus software.

Other Minor Updates

  • 1 Day Selector in the Monitor dashboard and advanced filtering. Customers who receive several alerts daily have requested this feature.
  • The ability to query for devices by Dell service tag has been added. This will help users and tech support teams quickly find Dell and Dell OEM products within Razberi Monitor.
  • Fixes to the product registration and activation.

You can click the button below to learn more about Razberi Monitor or see the full line of Razberi products.

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