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Razberi makes it simple to deploy, manage, and cyber-secure video surveillance systems and IoT devices.

We provide video server appliances, combined with cybersecurity and health management software to enterprise customers, helping you save on install and maintenance costs and reducing the likelihood of a costly cyber breach.

What is Security Automation?

Security automation is the machine-based execution of security actions with the power to programmatically detect, investigate, and remediate cyber threats with or without human intervention by identifying incoming threats, triaging, and prioritizing alerts as they emerge, then responding to them in a timely fashion.

Razberi Monitor™ is a software platform that offers a top-down view of the physical security network and ecosystem without IT resources. Purpose-built for security professionals, Monitor provides:

  • Secure, remote visibility into the availability, performance, and cyber posture of servers
  • Storage, cameras, and other networked security devices

Security automation does most of the work for your security team, so they no longer have to weed through and manually address every alert as it comes in. Among other things, security automation can:

  • Detect threats in your environment
  • Prioritize potential threats initiated by the security analysts’ programmed protoco
  • Begin investigating the event to determine whether it’s a legitimate issue
  • Determine whether action is needed
  • Contain and resolve the issue

Why is Security Automation Important?

The last year has seen a sharp rise in cyberattacks, crippling infrastructure, and putting data at risk. In April, the US Department of Justice created a ransomware task force, after declaring 2020 the "worst year ever" for extortion-related cyberattacks. 

The issue only seems to be getting worse: The first half of 2021 has already seen a 102% increase in ransomware attacks compared to the beginning of last year, according to a report from cybersecurity firm Check Point Software.

Security staff today are tasked with monitoring a much larger attack surface than in prior years, including mobile devices, cloud infrastructure, and IoT devices. In short, alerts are literally coming at them from everywhere.

Signs an Organization Needs Automated Cyber Security

Several signs are indicating that your organization needs automated cyber security, including:

  • Breach, lagging response times
  • Overwhelming false positives 
  • Need for more efficient and cost-effective operations

What is a Security Automation Platform?

A security automation platform is software that will execute a series of security actions across your entire infrastructure in a matter of seconds. 

Razberi Monitor™ RMM (remote monitoring and management) is a multi-tenant platform that allows both service providers and end-users to access their data. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reliability and reduced downtime
  • Cost reduction
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Streamlined maintenance

The security automation platform is engaged when an incident is detected (via the network, a file scan, an email scan, and so on), and then responds accordingly. 


Automated cyber security platforms offer:

Playbook creation and customization

Security automation platforms allow you to construct and customize playbooks or choose from prebuilt ones, enabling you to filter data, make a decision using encoded logic, prompt a user for input or confirmation, or call another playbook.

Standardized incident response processes

The playbooks tell the security automation tool how to respond to incidents based on internal rules, ensuring a repeatable, streamlined, and auditable security operations process aimed at helping security teams speed incident response and mitigate risk. 

For example, actions could include:

  • Deleting or quarantining suspected malware-infected files
  • Performing a geolocation lookup on a given IP address
  • Searching for files on a particular endpoint
  • Blocking a URL on perimeter devices
  • Quarantining a device from the network

Seamless integration with other security systems

Security automation products integrate seamlessly with your security assets, including firewalls, endpoint products, reputation management services, sandboxes, directory services, and SIEMs. They also offer a way to monitor your entire infrastructure within one interface.

Razberi Automated Cyber Security Products

Razberi products include:

Intelligent Video Appliances

  • Data Center, server-class appliances for centralized deployment
  • All-in-one Windows appliances: server, switching, storage
  • Connect to 3rd party IP cameras and IoT devices
  • Works with compatible Video Management Software (VMS)
  • Appliances for a wide range of deployment options

Automated Cybersecurity Software

  • CameraDefense™ to defend IP cameras against cyber attacks
  • ApplianceDefense™ to defend against attacks on appliances

Health Monitoring Software

  • Monitoring of system health
  • Monitor for on-premise visibility or via the cloud

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About Razberi Technologies

Razberi makes it simple to manage and secure video surveillance and IoT systems. Razberi’s open video surveillance platform includes intelligent appliances combined with automated cybersecurity, and health monitoring software. In combination with a wide range of top third-party video management software (VMS) applications and IP cameras, enterprises can flexibly deploy a best-of-breed solution that reduces their total cost of ownership and reduces the likelihood of a costly cyber breach. Razberi is headquartered in Dallas.

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