How Rugged NVRs Fully Empower Edge Surveillance

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Rugged NVR

How Rugged NVRs Fully Empower Edge Surveillance

As the demand for edge surveillance grows, so does the need for dependable technologies such as rugged NVRs (Network Video Recorders). These devices act as a hub for IP-based security cameras and can be deployed in areas with minimal infrastructure and harsh environments.

Many industries, such as oil & gas or utility companies, have a responsibility to monitor remote or exposed locations where appliances may encounter:

  • Extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Dust
  • Rain
  • Snow and ice
  • Chemicals
  • Sunlight
  • Accidental impact
  • Vandalism

Sensitive video equipment has a hard time operating under these conditions. However, rugged NVR and edge surveillance devices are designed for the edge, supporting surveillance even in challenging environments.

Let’s explore how a rugged NVR can help a company meet its surveillance needs in locations ill-suited for traditional equipment.

Standard NVRs Require Ideal Conditions

Standard, server-room grade electrics operate best with environmental controls—they aren’t built to withstand the real-world edge. Using a traditional NVR in extreme heat or cold often means a rigged-together solution involving multiple devices that need frequent servicing. It’s a constant struggle for reliability.

Protecting traditional edge appliances from wet environments, for example, means placing them inside a NEMA/IP-rated enclosure. The enclosure protects the unit from moisture but causes harmful heat build-up, which then requires air conditioning.

Integrators can use specialized temperature-conditioned enclosures with air conditioning or thermally tough equipment to solve the heat problem. However, both these choices drive costs up significantly.

In short, trying to use a traditional NVR where it doesn’t belong is an expensive and unreliable solution.

Today’s Rugged NVR and Edge Surveillance Supports Security in Harsh Environments

Integrators must ensure their equipment functions even in tough conditions. The best way to provide mission-critical reliability is to deploy a hardened, rugged NVR and edge surveillance solution.

Rugged NVRs offer significant advantages for edge protection:

Minimal infrastructure needs – Installing cabling to remote locations, such as an offshore oil rig or a west Texas desert, can be near impossible. A rugged server connects security devices using a cellular uplink to transmit video and can even use solar power where electrical infrastructure is unavailable.

Optimized bandwidth – Edge computing lets you do localized software load, which means video is recorded at the edge and communicates the most important data back to a corporate center. This limits bandwidth needs and saves customers from buying expensive computers to crunch all the video data in one place.

Cost savings – Deploying standard equipment at the edge in remote locations can get expensive. The costs of using a standard device include infrastructure, a NEMA/IP enclosure, air conditioning, and power to run the AC modules. A rugged NVR doesn’t incur these costs, saving an integrator money upfront. A ruggedized unit also has fewer moving parts, meaning less potential for costly, unplanned mechanical failure.

Razberi ServerSwitchIQ™ Rugged Supports The Toughest Surveillance Applications

Rugged NVRs for tough environments

Modern security solutions have come a long way, especially when it comes to rugged NVR and edge surveillance technology. Razberi ServerSwitchIQTM Rugged provides superior performance while enabling surveillance in environments where traditional NVR technology would not survive.

Designed for durability, Razberi Rugged is reliable and powerful. At Razberi, we ensure security features are built into all our products so there’s no need to buy or install add-on features. Our award-winning CameraDefense camera hardening software is included with Razberi Rugged.

When a customer pairs Razberi Rugged with Razberi Monitor software, they get a five-year comprehensive warranty with advanced unit replacement—something you won’t find with competitor products.

As a ComNet company, we can provide customers with a single solution for sales, design, engineering, and technical support for compute and transmission projects. This type of combination is something no other competitor can offer.

Features of ServerSwitchIQTM Rugged:

  • Unit includes combined server, managed PoE switch, and storage
  • Sealed, fanless design protects against dirt and dust
  • Hardened out-of-box for quick installation in harsh, remote environments
  • Operating temperature range from -40oF to 140oF
  • UL and CE certified

Industries leveraging NVRs such as ServerSwitchIQTM Rugged include:

Oil & Gas – Field deployments, pipeline security, offshore oil rigs, etc.

Energy & Utility Companies – Substations, powerlines, windmills, solar installations, etc.

Municipalities – Waste treatment facilities, landfills, water infrastructure, smart traffic management, etc.

Educational Institutions – Bus depots, storage facilities, sports facilities, and other outdoor properties.

Commercial Companies – Warehouse space, corporate campus perimeters, remote offices.  

Razberi offers robust, reliable solutions for your NVR deployment, no matter the application. With ServerSwitchIQTM Rugged, you can ensure you’re protected at the edge and throughout your entire system.

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