How Razberi Automates Manual Tasks to Save Time and Money

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Overseeing a video surveillance system can be time-consuming work. Everyday tasks like hardening a switch, generating a service ticket, or prepping a new device for the network are routine, and still, they take up plenty of your day.

We’re sure you’ll agree that getting a few of these “small things” (tasks you do day-in and day-out) off your plate would be fantastic. It’d free up time, giving you and your staff a better chance to focus on business.

Our goal at Razberi is to help you do just that. We bring security hardware and software together, seamlessly combining video surveillance appliances with network health monitoring and cybersecurity.

Here are four ways our products and services automate manual tasks to save you time and money.

Razberi works for you, literally

It should be easy for anyone to deploy, manage, and secure their enterprise video surveillance system. And with Razberi, it is. Our open platform video surveillance and cybersecurity products are designed to take care of many time-consuming, manual tasks.

CameraDefense handles network hardening

Our award-winning cybersecurity software, Razberi CameraDefenseTM, automates the network hardening of layer-2 PoE network switches. This saves significant labor time.

The software hardens a switch in three to four minutes, a process that can take a certified network professional up to an hour per switch! Hardening a camera is an intricate task, and with Razberi, it’s done automatically.

Not only does CameraDefense make network hardening simple, but it also has a slew of additional security benefits. For example, device binding, closing unused ports, restricting traffic to known networks, removing unneeded network service, and enforcing password strength on connected devices.

ApplianceDefense integrates cybersecurity

AI-driven threat protection is a proactive defense you ought to insist on. And you can get it with Razberi ApplianceDefenseTM, an industry-unique, secure-by-design software built into every hardware platform we ship.

Right out of the box, your protection is ready to go. How does it work?

Razberi hardware is encryption-ready and comes with secure boot, edge network security, audit log, secure protocols, and operating system images. With other providers, you must add these security layers. With us, the job is done for you.

Installation covers the humdrum paperwork

Most people assume it’s the big things that make a big difference. And they do, but we know that small things also delight our customers. That’s why part of Razberi’s out-of-box experience includes automatic device registration.

With Razberi, the product warranty kicks in automatically after the registration, without you having to do any online (or phone) activation. And the product serial number gets tied to the account so your customers can instantly view their settings or tweak them via the system portal.

Razberi Monitor automates notifications

Security systems can get complex, fast. Razberi MonitorTM eases the chaos by offering remote visibility into servers, storage systems, cameras, and other networked security devices.

With Monitor, system alerts are instant and automatic. This simplifies the service flow for end-users, and it’s a boon for businesses managing their own system (or for providers looking to improve their monitoring and management offerings).

When you have Razberi on your side, you can often expedite the service ticket process. Sometimes even alerting the customer of an issue before they know it exists. So, instead of reacting to complaints, you’re able to solve problems proactively.

Saving you time; saving you money

Often, saving time is also saving money. Razberi’s task automations speed up installations, preemptively detect issues, and offer video security worthy of the Fortune 500s.

  • Quicker installs – If your technicians spend less time at a customer’s site, they’re free to take on more work and finish more jobs. Also, quickly completing tasks and solving on-site issues leaves more time to talk with your customer, building stronger relationships.
  • No unnecessary service calls – Remote monitoring lets you know the details of an issue as it happens, so you’re not rolling a truck when you don’t have to. You’ll cut down on fuel spend, technician time, and wasted effort.
  • More protection against attacks – Razberi includes built-in network security, helping defend your customers from the potential losses of a cyber breach.

How else does Razberi help?

More than just hardware and software, the benefits of Razberi go beyond simply saving you time and money.

Automation removes human error, which ensures every security system deployment is seamless. Although Razberi is an enterprise-level security solution, installation is simple—smart automation allows technicians with a variety of skill levels to complete an install. Even when subcontracting work, there’s no compromise on quality or service.

We offer a full lineup of intelligent video surveillance appliances. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Razberi by ComNet.

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