The Benefits of Razberi for Integrators [Save Time & Make Money]

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Integrator using Razberi’s Monitor™ to manage a network.

The Benefits of Razberi for Integrators [Save Time & Make Money]

Razberi makes it simple to install intelligent video surveillance server appliances, operate an automated cybersecurity software that protects IP cameras, and manage a video health monitoring software that provides real-time alerts on video health issues and cyber vulnerabilities. 

Razberi’s quick installation, easy operation, and effortless management immediately result in time savings and increased profitability, making it the smart choice for integrators like you. In this article, we’ll explain in more detail how you can advance your business goals by using Razberi.

Razberi’s Time Saving Benefits for Integrators

Razberi employs proven open video surveillance and IoT solutions that provide time-saving benefits. These benefits include proactive health monitoring focused on prediction and quick response, versatile plug-and-play products that reduce install time, readily available products and solutions for any system requirements, effective designs, and efficient technical support.

Proactive health monitoring 

Razberi health monitoring products predict and proactively respond to anticipated customer/system needs. Razberi’s Monitor™ provides a top-down view of remote physical security and responds with solutions to address security breaches quickly. 

The software predicts and prevents problems for security professionals while providing a centralized location for IT departments to view the video data. Integrators can rest assured with a health monitoring system focused on predicting and preventing problems.

Products that are simple to use 

Razberi’s goal is to make products simple to install, manage, and secure. Razberi’s open platform video surveillance and cybersecurity and plug-and-play products require less technical knowledge and training to install. They can easily manage and incorporate third-party IP video surveillance cameras and optimize and secure customer networks.

Razberi’s health monitoring software adds to the ease of system management and security. Razberi products allow integrators to spend more time on operations and productivity, instead of installation and management.

A variety of built-in features 

Razberi products incorporate a wide selection of built-in features for data center appliances, edge appliances, ruggedized appliances, and open video surveillance platforms. Customers have the option to choose from a variety of network appliances best suited for their existing or planned operation, in collaboration with Razberi’s engineering and technical support professionals. 

We are dedicated to creating long-lasting customer relationships. From your initial system purchase to future upgrades and expansions, the Razberi Technical Team will be there to provide support and answer your questions.

Quality design and engineering 

Razberi and ComNet can partner with experienced, hands-on designers, engineers, and integrators to help design the right solution for simple or challenging projects. 

Through technical collaboration, Razberi professionals work with integrators to flesh out and sort system challenges such as network bottlenecks, taking responsibility for the design based on customer inputs and aptly providing solutions and options. 

Technical collaboration like this allows integrators to focus on solutions and options for any of their challenging requirements. 

Knowledgeable technical support 

Razberi knows that technical support is an integral part of integrator partnership and a strong customer base. The technical support team handles complex problems and works quickly to provide solutions. This provides peace of mind and the ability to focus on operations and productivity. 

Razberi’s Money Saving Benefits for Integrators

With Razberi’s high-quality and cost-saving products and services, integrators earn more money and grow their businesses. 

On-site support 

Razberi works closely with integrators to provide 24/7 trained professional service technicians for on-site support for systems and solutions. On-site support reduces downtime and lowers the risks of losing stored video. 

Integrators benefit from reduced trip expenses, reduced downtime, and not having to pay for the hiring, training, and certification of additional technicians to cover operations. 

Advanced replacement 

Razberi’s Limited Warranty systematically addresses defective and damaged products and timely returns the repaired or replaced product to customers at Razberi’s cost. 

Our Warranty includes Advanced Replacement that replaces any possibly defective under warranty product in advance. Integrators benefit by not having to purchase a replacement when products are damaged. 

Virus and cybersecurity protection Razberi CameraDefense™ automated cybersecurity.

Razberi offers Windows-based appliances, along with value-add software applications, that make it simple to deploy, manage, and cybersecure video surveillance and IoT systems. 

Razberi CameraDefense™ monitors passwords, flags weak passwords, automatically restricts camera access to whitelisted IP addresses, and blocks camera traffic to the public internet denying un-needed and potentially dangerous network services with a next-generation firewall. 

Razberi’s cybersecurity protection prevents network video surveillance breaches that can result in monetary loss due to ransomware, loss of assets, loss of time, and loss of customer trust.

Network hardening and protection 

Razberi offers network appliance solutions to harden IP surveillance cameras and networks from cybersecurity threats. In addition to offering scalable and plug-and-play operations, Razberi network appliance hardening solutions are immediately effective and do not require additional costs for certified professionals to configure the system.

Additional Reasons to Choose Razberi Products & Services

Razberi products and services empower integrators to save time and money. Instead of customers having to call their Service Team to report a network issue, the Service Team receives an alert from Razberi including details of the issue at hand and likely a possible solution or options to resolve the issue. 

The Service Team can remotely manage responses and proactively reach out to customers about system status and issue resolution. Razberi puts the Service Team in the control and decision-making position and helps with increased response time and reduced downtime to the benefit of integrators. 

Razberi helps integrators increase their Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR). Razberi Monitor™ provides secure, remote visibility into the availability, performance, and cyber posture of network appliances. Razberi Monitor™ provides monthly insight on the monetary value of the system at its optimum operation. This allows integrators to immediately realize the return on investment and build the RMR. 

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