Setting Up and Managing Alert Profiles

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Setting Up and Managing Alert Profiles

A quick reaction to a cybersecurity event is vital for security specialists. To provide your system with the attention it needs, security experts must receive notification fast, when an issue arises. Cloud-based Razberi Monitor software provides a top-down view of physical security, allowing your team to oversee the entire network.

Setting up Razberi alert profiles supports network security by enabling you to customize alarms for different devices, locations, and event types. This powerful feature helps solve issues quickly by sending alerts to specific personnel or distribution lists.

Let’s dig deeper into Razberi’s alert profiles.

Understanding Alert Profiles

Profiles help manage where alerts go. Setting up profiles strengthens security in three important ways:

  1. The right people get the right security notifications
  2. Attacks and/or repairs are quickly identified
  3. The network receives prompt attention

With Razberi, alerts can be sent when devices inside your physical security system go offline or act out of their ordinary status. You can customize which profiles receive notifications and whether they go to an individual or a distribution group.

Decide which alert types to include – Alerts for hardware and network performance, device health, and cybersecurity. For every person on your team, from facilities management to IT, you can create customize alert types. 

Select how to send notification – Email, SMS phone alerts, individual users with Monitor cloud accounts… With Razberi alert profiles, you can transmit an alert to virtually anyone who needs to see it.

The best part is you’re free to use preferred or existing network components. Devices don’t need to be running ComNet or Razberi machines to work with Razberi Monitor. You could be using SSIQ, Core, or even a third-party server.

Setting up Razberi Alert Profiles

The setup for Razberi alert profiles is straightforward; here are the steps:

Step 1 – Go to the Alerts Screen

  • Click on Admin on the left menu
  • Click on the Alert Profiles tab at the top  
  • Choose the alert you want to edit and click on its name

setting up a Razberi alert profile.


Step 2 – Edit alert information

  • Change the alert name
  • Turn the alert on or off
  • Select the alert type
    • Choose from a drop-down menu or click the filter link to view all
    • Make your selection

Step 3 – Edit locations and tags

  • Add locations and tags for specific devices
    • Default: all devices
    • Click in the space to view locations and select the locations for the alert
    • Click in the space for tag, select the tags for your alert
  • Click View Selected Devices to check that you’ve set up your alert correctly

Step 4 – Set alert distribution

  • Default: primary account holder
  • Click in the space for Select Recipient Name and select the recipients for the alert
    • Everyone who has an account will show up in the list
    • Remove people who don’t need the alert
  • Click Add New Recipient to send to a specific email address, distribution group, or SMS phone number
    • Choose the frequency for the alert
  • Send a test email and/or SMS (optional)

Step 5 – Save the alert profile

  • Click Save in the bottom right corner
  • The alert profile will show up in the list on the Alert Profile tab

Software for Security Professionals

Security professionals struggle to investigate every potential security alert, as they are responsible for more tools and more systems than ever before. Razberi alert profiles help teams avoid burnout by sorting events, ensuring that people only receive alerts relevant to their position.

At Razberi, we design for today’s security professionals. Our products and services make system monitoring and management simple; be sure to check out our other resources:

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