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Cyber defense can be a struggle for a small to medium-size business (SMB), especially with a bootstrapped budget. But integrators with SMB customers know security is critical, as a small business may be a primary target for hackers.

According to CNBC, just 14% of SMBs are ready for hackers, even though smaller companies are targeted in 43% of cyberattacks. So what can be done?

Razberi by ComNet helps integrators protect their SMB clients with affordable, enterprise-level equipment and support.

Why Razberi is a good fit for SMBs

No matter the size of their business, every customer deserves the best—and with Razberi, that’s what they get. Our products and services are top-of-the-line and available at a budget-friendly cost.

Let’s look into the benefits of Razberi.

Price Point

Small and medium-sized businesses often limit security resources since they’re careful of the money they spend. Unfortunately, this cash crunch can lead to inadequate protection.

However, SMB customers don’t have to sacrifice quality or capability with Razberi. Our scalable solutions can fit a single location and easily expand to grow with a business (all without breaking the bank).

This adaptability is essential in today’s post-pandemic environment—38% of the SMBs surveyed by Analysys Mason said they have had to adjust how they do business, deliver products, and provide services to their clients. The consulting team says, “Security solutions vendors should emphasize scalability, as this will resonate with SMBs during this climate of uncertainty.”

Open Architecture

With Razberi, SMB customers won’t be locked into a rigid security solution. As software and devices improve, or if business needs change, they’re free to modify their system while keeping their investment in Razberi.

Open architecture is as central to business success today, as it’s always been.

As the Harvard Business Review once put it, “While any single product is apt to become quickly outdated, a well-designed and open-ended architecture can evolve along with critical technologies, providing a fixed point of stability for customers and serving as the platform for a radiating and long-lived product family.”

Proactive Monitoring

Continual health monitoring helps protect an SMB’s system and allows the integrator an opportunity to elevate their support. Rather than responding to problems (after the fact), allowing you to take a proactive approach is one of the most powerful benefits of Razberi.


For example, think of this scenario. Your service team gets an alert from Razberi with the details of an issue before the client is even aware. The team fixes the problem remotely or sends a truck with the exact parts needed for a fix. Afterward, you let your customer know of the issue and its speedy resolution.

Providing positive updates instead of explaining issues is an excellent strategy to make SMBs stick to you for business.

How Razberi helps integrators work with SMBs

Just because a company is small doesn’t mean it matters less. At least that’s what we believe at Razberi.

We provide the same level of support to integrators working with SMBs as we do for enterprise clients. However, since budget is typically a concern, we can sit down with an integrator (or even with an SMB customer) to help design a solution built for today’s needs with tomorrow’s growth in mind.

Our aim is to keep costs accessible while giving smaller businesses the best functionality possible at the end of the day.

Another way integrators can amplify their customers’ cybersecurity is by taking advantage of Razberi’s Security-as-a-Service payment model.


We’ll work with integrators to create a Security-as-a-Service model for SMB customers. An integrator can then bill monthly, saving the client upfront capital. This type of payment plan has two enormous benefits:

1) The business gets professional-grade security equipment at a low monthly cost they can afford.

2) The integrator gains recurring revenue from a committed customer.

As an example, here’s a cost-savings scenario:

Your SMB customer worries about cybercrime but doesn’t have $15,000 to purchase a professional security system. You suggest Razberi’s Security-as-a-Service for around $300 per month. With this plan, your client is fully protected and can focus their cash on investments that speed their core business growth.

Integrators also benefit from Security-as-a-Service. The SMB provides a steady monthly revenue that adds value to an integrator’s business, earning more money in the long run.


Are you ready to stress less about the nuts and bolts of running a security business and focus on what matters—your relationship with customers? Leveraging the benefits of Razberi products and service, you’ll be set to maximize business potential by supporting SMB clients and keeping them for life.

Learn how Razberi by ComNet helps you save on design, sales, installation, and support:

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