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America’s top-performing companies have achieved enviable success, yet they face more cybersecurity and surveillance challenges than one might guess. Hackers tend to target these large organizations, and every breach is a potential disaster for reputation and revenue.

Razberi products and services offer indisputable relief for big companies. From streamlined management to proactive monitoring and custom engineering, let’s explore the business benefits of Razberi for Fortune 100 or 500 customers.

Benefits of Razberi

Razberi’s security and surveillance solutions are well-suited to major corporations. We can outfit sprawling campuses, national HQ’s, and local branch locations using multi-thousand camera deployments right down to small-scale sites with less than eight cameras. 

Our products and services are scalable to grow as a company grows. Here’s how Razberi will transform your customer’s solution for the better.

Streamlined system management

With Razberi, a Fortune 100 or 500 company can simplify security management without committing significant training, time, or resources. Our solutions leverage technology and automation to streamline system management. Here are two examples:


Automated software that hardens cameras to protect a corporate system. CameraDefense removes camera and security device IPs from a corporate network, limiting exposure to a potential cyberattack, providing peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Razberi Monitor 

A security management tool that lets a customer closely track security system health. The software separates alerts by department or individual so that information gets into the hands of the people who need it, fast. Razberi Monitor can send network/cyber alerts straight to IT, while camera/video monitoring system alerts are routed directly to physical security personnel. 

Proactive maintenance

Maintenance contracts are typically reactive—they’re only valuable when a customer’s system has a lot of issues! With Razberi, we zig when others zag, taking a proactive approach to maintenance.Razberi Monitor™ provides real-time health monitoring.

Continuous system health monitoring allows Razberi to identify and address minor problems before they become significant issues. Alerts are resolved quickly, perhaps even automatically or remotely, by our dedicated team of professionals.  

One of the essential benefits of Razberi is failure prediction, which helps the right people get notified before something goes wrong. Advance notice allows a customer to mobilize resources so IT and security departments can keep their corporate network online longer and quickly get back up if they go down. 

System failures are especially critical in Fortune 100 and 500 companies—Razberi’s proactive maintenance features minimize downtime, limit liability, and strengthen security operations. 

Customizable features to complement existing systems

New software must be compatible with existing infrastructure to maximize value. Razberi’s design team can work with you to create a complete, customized solution that works with the hardware and software a customer already has. 

We’ll meet with integrators and end-users to gather specifications and clarify goals, designing a turnkey security solution that truly matches a customer’s needs. Our proof of concepts and evaluation steps align us with corporate objectives, and we can also provide test equipment and assist with installation. 

For integrators considering Razberi, this means less time spent designing and engineering a customer solution. And, at the same time, the end-user can leverage our software and hardware expertise by guiding design (rather than getting bogged down in details). 

Razberi’s customized features support Fortune 100 and 500 companies by creating a solution that enhances security capabilities and fits existing systems. 

Easy installation 

Meeting the timelines for a large-scale project puts pressure on the customer and the integrator. Razberi makes installation simple. 

  • Our open-source software is non-proprietary, so that you can pair it with equipment from almost any manufacturer and retrofit network infrastructure.
  • On-site installation support lets our manufacturing team work alongside other project groups to establish and achieve timelines. Being involved early eliminates hectic lead times and ensures our product is built and shipped to meet any deadline. 

At Razberi, we’re focused on simple-to-use, plug-and-play solutions that don’t require extensive technical training and knowledge to install. Because our systems are compatible with existing 3rd party devices and software, a Fortune 100 or 500 company can economically modernize its security system. 

Ongoing support of Razberi for you and your customers

Our clients and their Fortune 100 and 500 customers should worry less, not more, which is why we have dedicated, US-based support for all Razberi products and services. The sales and engineering team will assist you throughout the life cycle of our technology, helping with upgrades, tech refreshes, and future planning. 

Additional benefits of Razberi include world-class warranties. For instance, our 5-year comprehensive warranty on core servers includes advanced replacement and next-business-day, on-site support. Razberi cybersecurity and network-optimized surveillance solutions are scalable, streamlined, straightforward, and well-supported.

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